About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

Our value culture provides a common identity as a guiding principle in our companies.

We are focused – innovative – constant – modern – precise – professional – solid – reliable – fair.

Guiding principles
of Green Medicals


We are precise in our compliance with laws, standards and agreements.


We ensure a constant level of quality.


We ensure a constant level of quality.


We are solid because our work is based on sound science, professional literature and practical experience.


We are focused to produce the medicinal plant cannabis of high quality with consistent strength and effect.


We work with professional machines, devices, equipment and computer systems to realize our strategic direction.

Up to date

We are modern and are constantly concerned with market adjustments and future market developments.


We are innovative and therefore always interested in trends and new technologies that make us better.


We understand reliability as the key to success; therefore, we document, check and control all our processes in order to develop them continuously.

Our Team

Olivera Bicikliski


Olivera is the CEO and phD in Biotechnology and Plant Production. She is the secret weapon every company wished to have. With her profound knowledge of Agriculture, her experience in the Ministry of Agriculture and her extended network in the industry, Olivera takes care of the functioning of all processes and has the last word when it comes to Regulatory.

Katerina Kockova Demirovski


Katerina is Bachelor of Science and the QA & COO at Green Medicals. She is responsible for the quality assurance, that she does with full responsibility and professional enthusiasm. Her motivation is the production of a perfect product, that may help many patients in their needs. As COO Katerina finds the quickest solution for any task, always being able to include her deep knowledge and working experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Emilija Todosieva


With her degree as Agronomist and her working experience in the Banking sector, Emilia is an asset every company dreams of. As Head agronomist she takes care of the growing and the production. From planning to organization to implementation of the processes, she takes her responsibility very serious that everything grows as it should.

Tanja Arsenijevic


With Tanja as CFO the company has gained an absolute specialist in all fields of the financial working. Tanja has made her MBA at the well known University of Cambridge and with her longterm experience as CFO she controls all payments, contacts with all banks, with all creditors and debitors and keeps the company running smoothly.

Blagica Jakimovska

Pharmaceutical Technician

Blagica is the Head of Manufacturing of API at Green Medicals and is a Graduated Pharmacist and pharmaceutical technology specialist. With her experience in the Pharma Industry she knows at a glance what to do, how to do it and what is the most efficient way. If we wouldn't have her, we needed to invent her. She is responsible for the best possible functioning by following the given strict regulatory procedures.

Donce Papazoska

QP - Qualified Person

As QP Donce is responsible for releasing the drugs for the export. Donce has a Master Degree in Pharmaceutical Quality Control and has a well established career in the production of pharmaceuticals. The fresh spirit and the positive energy that Donce brings into the company are one of the greatest values.

Tanja Ivanova


Tanja has a Master Degree in Pharmacy and is the head of our QC department. As an expert in attention to detail, Tanja takes care about the product quality control during all phases of the production process until the final product. She is responsible for our risk reduction and works closely with the official institution in order to achieve it.

Angel Cvetanov

Production Manager

Angel is a Master of Pharmacy and our to be Technologue. His task as production manager he fulfils with full heart and focused mind. As a talent in documenting and organizing, he takes care of all procesesses that have to be documented accurateley.

Maxence Majot

Supervisor Production

Max is the Guru of Growing and our guide in all questions regarding Agronomy. Having a great experience from his work in Canada and the EU, he brings to us the latest knowledge combined with his feeling for the need of the plants. If we didn’t have him, we had to invent him.

Janko Lazarevski

Head Grower

Janko is our passionate and dedicated Head grower. As Agronomist he follows the footsteps of his grandfather and former Minister of Agriculture, and as head grower he seeks constantly the best ways and the latest inspiration to make the best genetics worldwide.

Martin Ivanov

Deputy Head Grower

Martin is an agronomist with heart and passion. When it comes to the young, enthusiastic, professional and dedicated growers, its him we are counting on. He takes excellent care of the mother room and vegetation area what we see on our happy plants.

Tose Stojanovski

Head of technical department

Tose is the good soul of the company. Problems that occur are already fixed and thought through. As head of the technical department he takes care of the flawless functioning of the equipment and that at anytime of the day from any place in the world.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Green Medicals is to cultivate, produce and distribute medical cannabis products such as cannabis flowers and cannabis extracts as medicinal products in compliance with applicable pharmaceutical GMP standards in Northern Macedonia and on the European market. Green Medicals understands the crucial factors in the cultivation of medicinal cannabis and has mature know-how for the cultivation of cannabis plants.

Our company is focused on providing medical cannabis products of consistent quality to the market at short regular intervals.

Green Medicals aims to build the most advanced medical cannabis cultivation facilities in Europe. The orientation of the company’s own production facilities and those of its partners is holistic. The focus is based on quality and safety within the entire process chain.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Green Medicals positions itself as a quality producer and quality supplier. Green Medicals has a broad network of hand-picked partners from the pharmaceutical industry. Each of our partners works according to applicable pharmaceutical quality requirements and understands this as their core competence.

Green Medicals stands for handpicked high quality cannabis flowers for medicinal purposes.

Our Method


Our cultivation method is unique and has a registered patent from the European Patent Office.

The exact cultivation method and especially the composition of nutrients and vital substances, are our well-kept company secret. Below we give a general insight into the production process, so that a first impression of our professional cultivation method can be gained.

Green Medicals MKD grows cannabis plants exclusively indoors. This is done in compliance with clean room standards. Our method ensures contamination risks are kept as low as possible.

The climate control in our cultivation facilities is constantly monitored. This way, we ensure that the cannabis plants always receive the temperature and humidity they need during their individual growth and flowering phases.

The fresh air is purified by multiple filters. Efficient air movement helps the plant to be healthy, so that later the flowers can develop optimally.

Our cultivation solutions help to grow medical cannabis in an environment where the cannabis plant finds ideal conditions for photosynthesis. The parameters of water, nutrients, light, climate control and CO2 are adapted to this.

In terms of lighting technology, we use lamps that achieve an optimal light spectrum for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis. Our cultivation areas are constantly supplied with the right light intensity.

Cuttings are grown from mother plants, which are always grown up and flowered under the same conditions. The focus is on consistent high quality by always using the same genetics.

Drying and further processing is done with the most modern equipment and highest precision. The entire production is monitored by EDP, so that the entire process chain is documented from the beginning to the final product. The distribution and sales of our products are carried out in compliance with the applicable laws and the EU-GDP guidelines.