Solution strategies in times of crisis

When crises become opportunities

Europe faced acute challenges during the pandemic: In addition to the rapid spread of the dangerous virus, supply chains were stalled on several fronts, accompanied by transport delays and a shortage of intermediate products.

Due to the war in Ukraine, gas and electricity prices rose rapidly and also made our production enormously more expensive. Growing plants under defined cultivation conditions is already extremely power-hungry, but our production of medicinal cannabis is made even more difficult by clean-room conditions. While the lights are switched off for a few hours a day, the air-conditioning and filtration systems are run around the clock.

We as Green Medicals are a sustainable team, we have thought about the immediate reduction of consumption and how we can invest into the future.

We would like to highlight two of our solutions here.

We have replaced power guzzlers with energy-saving equipment and completely replaced our original lighting with economical LED lamps from our partner Lumatek Lighting. As a side effect, this lighting also generates less heat and the air conditioning is relieved. This step meant a big investment, but also a 30% reduction in electricity consumption. Good for the environment and operating costs.

Based on its latest generation of horticulture LED fixtures models, Lumatek Lighting LED presented an efficient solution to help us reducing production costs. The dimensioning of the new LED lighting to our grow system, was based on its well know and awarded fixture, the ZEUS 600W PRO 2.9. One of the most efficient indoor horticulture LED fixtures of the market, capable to convert efficiently electrical energy to useful light to be used on the photosynthesis process. Being efficient in the process of photosynthesis we are creating small opportunities in the reduction of the consumption in other variables involved it to maintain the production process of growing competitive.

Next, we will invest in alternative energy. We plan to install a photovoltaic system on our flat roof and thus become even more independent of conventional energy supply.

With these measures, we will step by step become a greener company with a smaller ecological footprint. In addition, our fixed costs are reduced and we can keep our prices stable in a crisis-proof manner.

In this way, crises can become opportunities if they are understood as challenges.