A word about microseed

The topic of micro seeds has been much discussed recently.

Micro- or mini-seeds is the colloquial term for small, incompletely formed seed plants in flowers. They can consist of seed pods or even tiny seeds.

Patients sometimes find these in medicinal cannabis and describe them as small, hard, dark globules.  On closer inspection, they are miniatures of seeds. Depending on how woody these mini seeds are, they produce an unpleasant oily taste and strong smoke that triggers coughing.

Basically, all experts recommend removing these seeds and not heating them.

The medicinal cannabis plant is bisexual and only pure female plants are used for flower production. These do not produce seeds as there is no male pollen.

The plant varieties used for medicinal cannabis are highly feminized, but the ability to produce seeds is still deeply embedded in the genes. Under biological reproductive pressure, coupled with external factors, a flower can then form seed pods even if it is not fertilized.

There is no recognized scientific work yet on the conditions under which plants form micro-seeds, but there are many reasons why this happens. Of course, stress, a plant should have the optimal growing conditions to keep its metabolism in balance. Too much or too little water or too high temperatures cause the leaf pores to close and photosynthesis and thus growth to stop.  This is extremely stressful for the plant, emergency programs are started which also lead to growth disorders.

Another possibility is the overbreeding of varieties. Medicinal cannabis plants are grown purely from seed and then propagated with mother plants by cuttings. Sometimes the cuttings themselves become mother plants. If mistakes are made here by producing too many generations, genetic defects can occur, as is known from overbred dogs.

Green Medicals is well positioned.

On the one hand, the plants receive optimal growing and flowering conditions, the exact settings of which have been optimized by our team of agronomists over many years of work.  In addition to the usual nutrients, the Green Medicals plants also receive many vitamins, amino acids and other luxury substances from the HESI brand, which give the metabolism an extra boost. Together with the experts from HESI, we have fine-tuned the supply of the plants in recent years. 

On the other hand, we work with strict genetic breeding protocols that document every plant and cutting, from the life cycle of the mother plants to their offspring. After certain periods of time, plant genetics are renewed through seed rearing.  The generation cycles are well guarded to prevent overbreeding.

Our team of experts carefully inspects the plants every day to be able to react immediately to any disturbances and to ensure the highest level of quality.